Horses in the Field

There are horses that are boarded across the field from our home. One day this white horse was playing in the water. The water was glistening in the sun and I felt like I was watching a unicorn in a fairy tale scene. I set my camera on continue photo speed and capture many scenes.


Home life

Looking Back

My husband and I and our five children lived in Divide, Colorado, elevation of 9644 ft. We owned and lived in that house for 27 years.  Now, after all these years it was time to sell the house and move to an elevation close to sea level for the sake of my husband’s health. I think in the back of our mind we actually expected to grow old and live out our lives there. The kids are grown, married, and blessed us with wonderful grand-kids now, but we feel like two lonely souls searching for a place to call home once again. Maybe it wouldn’t feel so heavy on our hearts to leave this area if we actually had another place to call home. We have been wondering for four years come this January, 2012. This blog is mainly for me to capture a life that seems to have rushed by in the blink of the eye and disappeared.